Game Console Rentals

Console Rentals

MGC’s video game console rental program allows you to game during your vacation or business trip without the hassle of traveling with your console! For an affordable rate, you can rent a MGC video game console preloaded with AAA games at select hotels, resorts and spas!

The MGC Video Game Console Rental Program

MGC’s Video Game Console Rental Program allows you to rent our portable console kit at participating hotels, resorts and spas! Our goal is to elevate your game by helping you create a fun and relaxing gaming environment during your travel away from home.

Included in each console kit for your gaming pleasure is either an Xbox® or PlayStation® equipped with some of the hottest games! The console kit is equipped with a carrying case containing a 19″ video screen, so you game from anywhere inside your hotel or resort room. The console kit does not require any connection to your hotel or television entertainment system!

Our Game Lineup

Children playing on a game consoleWe provide a premium gaming experience by offering an impeccable game lineup preloaded on the console for your entertainment. Our game lineup is rotated on a frequent basis so you and your family can continue to enjoy gaming on our kit year round! Below is a list of our current lineup.

In addition to our game lineup, depending on the console space available, you are able to play any of your own game discs on the console. As a surprise, you may find a few extra games preloaded on the console.


MGC video game console kits may be rented by guests at participating hotels, resorts and/or spas. Renters must be eighteen (18) years or older and have a valid U.S. driver’s license, passport or identification card. Certain additional terms and conditions will apply.

Rental Price

The daily rental rate, along with any associated service fees, is very affordable! Depending on the location, special rates may be available for weekends and holidays. Check with your hotel, resort or spa to inquire about the daily rental rate and feel.

Questions and Contact

If you have any questions about the MGC video game console rental program, please email or inquire at the front desk of your hotel, resort or spa. You may also reach the MGC team at (888) 842-0434.

Sample Participating Hotels, Resorts & Spas
  • Chatham Bars Inn
  • Inn by Diamond Cove
  • Portland Harbor Hotel
  • Inn by the Sea
  • The Bellmoor Inn & Spa


PS4 MLB The Show20PS4 EA Sports NHL20PS4 EA Sports Madden NFL20PS4 NBA 2k20PS4 Epic Games FortnightPS4 Lego Star Wars The Force AwakensPS4 Lego Mavel AvengersPS4 Ace Combat 7PS4 NBA 20th Anniversary Edition 2K19PS4 EA Star Wars Battlefront IIPS4 Activision Call of Duty Black OpsPS4 EA Battlefield V


XBox One EA Sports NHL20XBox One EA Sports Madden NFL 10XBox One Epic Games FortnightXBox One Lego Marvel AvengersXBox One NBA 2K20XBox One EA Star Wars Battlefront IIXBox One Activision Call of Duty Black OpsXBox One EA Battlefield VXBox One Playerunknown's BattleGroundsXBox One MinecraftXBox One DC Injustice 2XBox One EA Sports FIFA20

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