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Did you know there are over 150 million individuals in the U.S. that play video games and over 64% of U.S. households participate in gaming? Why not allow these individuals and families to game in the comforts of your hotel, resort or spa during their travel!

MGC Hotel Partner Program

About Our Video Game Console Rental Program

Under our video game console rental program, MGC provides participating hotels, resorts and concierges with an agreed upon number of MGC console kits (each valued in excess of $1,000), containing a video game console (either a Xbox® or PlayStation® game console), preloaded video games, controllers, required accessories and even a 19″ video screen affixed inside a portable carrying case! Each MGC console kit (equivalent to the size of carry-on luggage) can be easily stored and transported, since each portable carrying case contains a convenient strap for ease of handling.

Under the program, guests can rent MGC console kits from participating hotels, resorts and spas at affordable rates at no cost to the hotel, resort or concierge. The rentals, including payment processing, will be facilitated through MGC’s dedicated and secure console rental website.


Currently, MGC’s video game console rental program is available to premium hotels, resorts and concierges in certain key markets. If your hotel, resort and/or concierge team is interested in participating in the program, please reach out to MGC at 888-842-0434 to verify the program is available in your market or email

Costs and Fees

Depending on the option selected, there may be no costs or fees for hotels, resorts and concierges to participate in MGC’s video game console rental program! The costs associated with operating and managing the MGC console kits are paid by MGC, so you and your team can focus on using the program as a unique offering to assist you in providing premium services to your guests.

Guest Spending

Couple playing a console game

Not only does the MGC video game console rental program provide an additional stream of revenue to your hotel, resort and/or concierge team, but it serves as an additional means by which you can provide other premium services to complement your guests’ gaming experience. Based on recent research, the average age of male gamers is 33 years and the average age of female games is 37 years of age – which are key target demographics for most premium hotels and resorts seeking to provide value added services to their guests. Generally, guests using the MGC console kit are more likely to pay for food and beverages using room service and WiFi to participate in online gaming (including, purchasing higher bandwidth options available in the guest’s room).

Access to Hotel Equipment

The great part of MGC’s console rental program is that the MGC console kits do not require any additional hotel or resort equipment (other than an electrical outlet available to guests in their room). Since each kit is equipped with its own video screen, guests will not need to access any of the hotel’s television or other audio/visual equipment located in the room to operate the kit. All the items that guests will require to use the video game console are located inside the kit!


Couple playing a console game

Each MGC provided video game console is preloaded with a fixed number of the latest games designed to appeal to adults and children, without requiring any WiFi or internet network connection for gameplay. The games preloaded on each console will be updated every six months (or frequently) based upon usage and popularity. Also, MGC will ensure a sufficient variety of games are available to make the kits attractive for guests to rent. Additionally, guests will be able to play any of their owned game discs on the video game consoles, as the consoles are not locked for gameplay.

Rental Price

While pricing may vary in each market (and is subject to change based upon availability of systems), MGC offers a daily rate, a two-day rate, and a weekly rate for guests seeking to rent the MGC console kit. Additionally, guests desiring to rent a kit can purchase daily insurance to cover unintentional damage to the kit beyond reasonable wear and tear.

Incentive Package

MGC values our relationships with hotel, resort and concierge teams, as the success of our video game console rental program depends on their commitment. Based on the number of units desired by the hotel, resort or concierge team, MGC will offer a customized incentive package based upon projected rental volume at the participating location.

Contact Information

If your hotel, resort or spa is interested in participating in MGC’s video game console rental program, please contact us at 888-842-0434 or email us at

We look forward to working with you and your team!

Sample Participating Hotels, Resorts & Spas
  • Chatham Bars Inn
  • Inn by Diamond Cove
  • Portland Harbor Hotel
  • Inn by the Sea
  • The Bellmoor Inn & Spa